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Weekly Smash Bros Update

November 30, 2007

Monday November 26: Controls

Tuesday November 27: Donkey Kong

Widescreen Support

Wednesday November 28: Wario: Final Smash

Thursday November 29: Events

Friday November 30: Melee Stages



Video Games + movies = ?

November 29, 2007

Popular games such as Halo, gears of war and World of war craft all have plans for movies in the near future Full story

Personally I don’t know what to expect i can see a plot in Halo, World of Warcraft  the movie in my opinion seems pretty ridiculous, and Gears of War i don’t know enough about, i do think though that all 3 of these will most likely be much like 300 just a bunch of CGI/Green screen animated battle scenes, so who knows could be big hit in the box office, or a bust.

This Week’s VC Update

November 26, 2007

Double Dribble- NES, Rated E

This is the first 5 on 5 Basketball game for the NES, and apparently the most accurate for it’s time.  You can even pick from a number of teams and decided the length of the game.  However I don’t plan to be picking this up based on the fact that I’m not into sports games nor am I good at them.

Vegas Stakes- SNES, Rated E

Rated E!?! I don’t know about that those simulated gambling games should only be played by people who can gamble for real, not the innocent children who have yet to be exposed to the wickedness of cards.  But seriously this is what the name implies, a gambling game that involves blackjack, slots, poker, craps and roulet.  I’m not to big on these games, so once again I’ll pass.

Ecco Jr.- Genesis, Rated E

It’s like Ecco the Dolphin, but as a small child (dolphin).  This Ecco is based more for a younger audiance where you as Ecco Jr. must travel to the Big Blue, yay!  I can’t guarentee that I’d get this but if I had children I might.  ECCO… ECCo… ECco… Ecco… ecco… ooo (ignore the Teen rating on the video)

But on a more personal note… Wii Zapper and a note on reviews!

November 24, 2007

Well the hunt for the Wii Zapper finally came to an end yesterday and let me say it’s completely worth it.  Both Danny and I have picked it up and we love it.  So far I’ve only tried it with Links Crossbow Training, but I plan to see how well it works with Battalion Wars 2 some time today.  While Danny and I haven’t been able to get together and review Galaxy yet, but we should be getting together Tuesday to do just that.  As well as give our imressions on the Wii Zapper, and the Check Mii Out channel. 

Well I’m not quite sure if there’s anything else I have to talk about.  So I guess that’s it for now.

Weekly Smash Bros Update

November 23, 2007

Monday November 19: Ice Climbers: Final Smash

Tuesday November 20: Training

Smart Bomb

Wednesday November 21: Color Changes

Thursday November 22: Saki Amamiya

Friday November 23: Charged Special Moves

Lucas: Final Smash


*let me just say that the Dark Link color change looks AWSOME!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2007

A Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers!  Go and enjoy your day, eat some Turkeys, and play some games.  Woo!

More Ghostbusters Info

November 21, 2007

This comes from the Game Informer.

– Due out close to Halloween
– cartoon-style graphics
– same storyline as the 360/PS3 version
– multiplayer a big focus
– Single player allows 4 player co-op or competitive (split-screen)
– Adversarial mode: ghosts vs. Ghostbusters
– Ghosts can pass through certain objects, fly, and sneak up behind players to scare them. Scaring reduces the Ghostbusters health for a certain amount of time.
– Ghostbusters have all their tools, and each Ghostbuster has a special power (Ray is able to
spot where ghosts are going to come through the wall.)

On I side note, I have yet to find the Wii Zapper, but hopefully I’ll be able to find it today.

This Week’s VC Update

November 19, 2007

Wrecking Crew- NES, Rated E

In Wrecking Crew you play as either Mario or Luigi, and your job is to basically destroy all the objects in a given building.  This game looks pretty fun if your looking for an arcadey type of game, but it just seems a little too repetitive for me.

Sonic 3D Blast- Genesis, Rated E

Sonic’s first 3D platformer, and let me say that I had a port of this on my computer when I was younger and I played it constantly.  It’s deffinatly a lot of fun, however I seem to remember a different soundtrack than the one below.

Super Air Zonk- Turbografx 16, Rated E (800 Points)

The sequel to Air Zonk was never released in North America until today (note price change).  This futuristic Space shooter let’s you control Zonk, and transform into 7 different characters.  This game looks pretty fun, and just plain wierd enough that I may have to try it out.

Also, the Wii Zapper with Link’s Crossbow Training ships today, I’m going to see it my Wal-Mart has it after work today, but if they don’t I’ll just check elsewhere tomorow.

But on a more personal note… Ghostbusters, and some more things.

November 17, 2007

As I’ve stated before Danny and I have been very busy lately, so as a result we haven’t been able to get a review of Super Mario Galaxy done, in fact I’ve only been able to play it for an hour (however I plan to get a good amount in after the show tonight.)  And when it comes to use doing a podcast, we still need to get a group together to join us.  So that’s about it for site news, on to Ghostbusters!

So as I posted earlier Ghostbusters the video game was announced for the Wii this past week.  However I neglected to post that they stated the games for the PS3 and the 360 would be more for a hardcore audiance, while the Wii and Ps2 versions would be more for a family audiance.  This just has me incredibly frightend that the wii version will just be numerous rediculous minigames set in the Ghostbusters universe.  If so I don’t think they see the potential of the Wii’s motion sensing, pointing controller and how much this could enhance the hardcore versions of Ghostbuster.  But I must add that I am incredibly excited that Harold Ramis, Dan Ackroyd and Bill Murray are on board for the project it’s pretty cool that they’re going to be writing the actual game and not just throwing their voices in.  Well I believe that’s it for this week. 

Feel free to discuss this at the forums

Weekly Smash Bros Update

November 16, 2007

Monday November 12: Ike: Final Smash

Tuesday November 13: Three Different Taunts

Wednesday November 14: Handicap

Thursday November 15: Kirby Meta Knight’s Revenge

Meta Knight: Special Moves

Friday November 16: Spectator