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Weekly Smash Bros Update

March 28, 2008

Monday March 24: ?????  [Stadium: Boss Battles]

Tuesday March 25: ?????  [Jigglypuff]

Wednesday March 26: ?????  [Hanenbow]

Thursday March 27: Character Roll Call

Sheik: Special Moves

Friday March 28: ????? [Toon Link]


Smash Bros Spoiler Central


Weekly Smash Bros Update

March 24, 2008

Monday March 17: Boss Strategies

Tuesday March 18: ?????  [Ganondorf]

Wednesday March 19: Pokemon Encyclopedia

Thursday March 20: Smash Taunt

Friday March 21: ????? [Subspace Emmisary: Great Maze]

Peach: Special Moves


Smash Bros Spoiler Central

Don’t forget to scroll down the page to find the latest news and see our review of Super Smash Bros Brawl.

This Week’s VC Update

March 24, 2008

King’s Knight- NES, Rated E

You know the story by know, a princess has been captured, and it’s up to 4 brave warriors to rescue her.  Where “through five thrilling, fast-action stages, our gallant heroes-a knight, a wizard, a monster and a thief-will take on an army of incredible enemies. ” (Nintendo)  Think of it like a top-down space shooter set in mideval times, and your not in a ship.  It’s actually a pretty neat configuration I might have to give this one a try.

Powerball- Genesis, Rated E

Surprisingly Powerball, is neither a lottery game, nor a pinball game.  Instead you get a hybrid between Rugby and Football, (and such games).  The gameplay looks confusing, but interesting,  I’m just surprised this hasn’t been made into a real sport.

Go Nintendo MST3K: Ep. 3

March 24, 2008

An Excellent episode, well I’m most caught up on news, just let me throw together today’s VC update, and last weeks Smash Update and we’ll be all set.

Time to update your Wiis

March 24, 2008

If you haven’t gotten the message from Nintendo by now, it’s time to update your Wii Shop Channel so you can get WiiWare games later on.

Rock Band: Officially Announced, but unfortunatly not as good.

March 24, 2008

Here’s some tidbits from Go Nintendo

– Bonus songs will be announced at a later date
– no character creation
– no Mii support
– no support for GHIII guitar
– Instruments don’t need to be connected to Wwiimotes
– ship with USB hub
– DPL II, 480p

The Official Announcement comes from IGN.  Where they’ve stated that the game will come out on June 22, with a set package with the game, a set of drums, a microphone and wireless guitar, for about $169.99.  The game will have 63 songs and 5 bonus tracks.  BUT the game will lack both online play and the ability to download songs. 

Now, I’m really glad that we finally have Rock Band, but there are a lot of set backs.  Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that the PS2 version at least had online, even Guitar Hero 3 did.  But hopefully we’ll see improvements in future Rock Band titles on the wii.

Mario Kart Battle Courses Revealed

March 24, 2008

5 new stages: Block Plaza ~ Delfino Pier ~ Funky Stadium ~ Chain Chomp Wheel ~ Thwomp Desert.

5 retro stages: Battle Course 4 {Super Mario Kart} ~ Battle Course 3 {Mario Kart Super Circuit} ~ Skyscraper {Mario Kart 64} ~ Cookie Land {Mario Kart Double Dash} ~ Twilight House {Mario Kart DS}.

Yes! you put Skyscraper back and I’m a very happy man.


New Sonic Unleashed Footage

March 24, 2008

Sonic Unleahed is Sega’s latest Sonic trademark, and if this footage is real then I can’t wait to play some 3-D side scrolling sonic.  It’s said to be a multiplatform release, so it should be hitting the 3 major consoles.

I’m Back

March 24, 2008

Sorry, I went off to NY and completly forgot to say anything until I was on the train, and due to a lack of laptop I couldn’t.  So in the next 2 days I’ll slowly be updating us all on the news.

Ghost Busters: The Game-Now Filming

March 20, 2008

That’s right just check the imdb pageOh Harold Ramis, you so crazy, filming your video games and what not…