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This week’s and last’s VC updates

April 29, 2008

APRIL 21st:

River City Ransom-NES, Rated E10+

It’s time to save your pal Ryan’s Girlfriend from the captors who have taken her.  And you must fight your way through River City to find her.  I’ve always wanted to play this game so it’s deffinatly on the download list for me.  BARF!

Phantasy Star™ III Generations of Doom -Sega Genesis, Rated E

The third installment in the epic Phantasy Star Series, your fiance is kidnapped and you have to rescue her.  You’ll meet past characters, and some new ones.  I’m honestly not to interested in this, I’ve never played that phantasy star games, so I’m not a big fan, and I’m often turned off by turn-based games, sorry Phantasy Star.

This Week:

Double Dragon-NES, Rated E10+

The classic fighter hits the VC, where you must fight to save your kidnapped Girlfriend.  As much as I’d like to play this one, River City is still higher on the list, maybe next time Billy Lee.


Mario Kart Wii, OUT TODAY

April 27, 2008

That came up fast, I didn’t even realize it was out until I saw all these midnight lauch coverages about a half hour ago. 

Anyway, sorry for the lack of delays this past week, Danny and I have been in You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, and hence we haven’t been home at all this past week.  I’ll be sure to get VC up to date on Tuesday and then expect the regular news flow.

Go Nintendo MST3K- Baby Boomer

April 20, 2008


Can we please bring this game to the VC, PLEASE!!!

IGN Reviews Mario Kart Wii

April 20, 2008


Full article and video here

The Final Weekly Smash Bros Update…

April 19, 2008


Monday April 14:Smash Trivia 



This Week’s VC Update

April 14, 2008

Fantasy Zone- Sega Master System, Rated E

You must take command of the spaceship Opa-Opa (Ompa-Lompa?)  and fight hordes of enemies, and destroy their bases.   I feel like if they made a game based of The Yellow Submarine it would be a lot like this, and that’s why I now require myself to download it.

Mega Turrican- Genesis, Rated E10+

The sequel to Super Turrican which hit the VC a few months ago.  This side-scrolling metroid-esque shooter has you fighting the evil machine forces which have destroyed the galaxy.  It looks fun, but I’d have to catch up on my metroid games first.

Weekly Smash Bros Update

April 13, 2008


Updates Stop on April 14th


Monday April 7: Revealing Brawls Secrets

Tuesday April 8: All Trophies

Wednesday April 9: All Stickers

Thursday April 10: Mysteries Of Subspace Emmisary

Friday April 11: Screenshot collection 2


This Week’s VC Update

April 7, 2008

By some miracle I was able to be home today just long enough to update get this out.

Yoshi’s Cookie- NES, Rated E

A puzzle game where you must line up cookies in order to make them disappear.  I personally haven’t played yoshi’s cookie, but it looks interesting enough to try.

Bases Loaded- NES, Rated E

The old fasion arcady baseball game has hit the VC.  Again, I haven’t played it nor am I too into sports games but for those who are, give this a try.

I feel like this is the game Fred Savage is playing in the begining of “The Princess Bride.”

Weekly Smash Bros Update

April 4, 2008

Weekly Smash Update

Monday March 31:  ?????   [Wolf]

Tuesday April 1: ?????  [Pirate Ship]

Wednesday April 2:  All Star Mode

Thursday April 3:  Full Song List

Friday April 5:  Final Smash Trophies


Smash Bros Spoiler Central

VC Tuesday

April 1, 2008

I’m just going to come out and say it, I’m not really home at all on Mondays for the next month or so, but I’ll do my best to get them out as soon as I can.

Cruis’n USA: N64, Rated E

Pick a car and race across America… That’s about it.  I have this game, and it’s pretty fun, it’s more of an arcade racer with a time limit and such.  Lets say I would download it if I got rid of mine, but if I had never played it I wouldn’t,  it’s really something you need to try for yourself.  I’d head to an arcade and test it out for about 50 cents and make a decision.

You have to love the menu music. 

Wonder Boy- Sega Master System, Rated E

 It’s time to kidnap your girlfriend from the monster that stole her.  You’ll race across numerous worlds and fight numerous foes.  I’m honestly not to interested in Wonder Boy, but if you’re a fan I’d pick this up.