VC Tuesday


I’m just going to come out and say it, I’m not really home at all on Mondays for the next month or so, but I’ll do my best to get them out as soon as I can.

Cruis’n USA: N64, Rated E

Pick a car and race across America… That’s about it.  I have this game, and it’s pretty fun, it’s more of an arcade racer with a time limit and such.  Lets say I would download it if I got rid of mine, but if I had never played it I wouldn’t,  it’s really something you need to try for yourself.  I’d head to an arcade and test it out for about 50 cents and make a decision.

You have to love the menu music. 

Wonder Boy- Sega Master System, Rated E

 It’s time to kidnap your girlfriend from the monster that stole her.  You’ll race across numerous worlds and fight numerous foes.  I’m honestly not to interested in Wonder Boy, but if you’re a fan I’d pick this up.


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