This week’s and last’s VC updates


APRIL 21st:

River City Ransom-NES, Rated E10+

It’s time to save your pal Ryan’s Girlfriend from the captors who have taken her.  And you must fight your way through River City to find her.  I’ve always wanted to play this game so it’s deffinatly on the download list for me.  BARF!

Phantasy Star™ III Generations of Doom -Sega Genesis, Rated E

The third installment in the epic Phantasy Star Series, your fiance is kidnapped and you have to rescue her.  You’ll meet past characters, and some new ones.  I’m honestly not to interested in this, I’ve never played that phantasy star games, so I’m not a big fan, and I’m often turned off by turn-based games, sorry Phantasy Star.

This Week:

Double Dragon-NES, Rated E10+

The classic fighter hits the VC, where you must fight to save your kidnapped Girlfriend.  As much as I’d like to play this one, River City is still higher on the list, maybe next time Billy Lee.


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