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But on a more personal note… No More Heroes

January 20, 2008

From the Suda 51, the creator of the crazy GCN/PS2 game Killer 7, comes another slightly less, slightly more crazy game called No More Heroes.  The game will release this week as I’ve posted earlier.  Anyway I was listening to the Go Nintendo Podcast as I always do, when the topic of how third parties are shying away from putting out Mature games on the Wii.  Long story short, it’s looking like a lot of them are going to see how No More Heroes sells to decide whether or not they’ll publish mature games on the Wii.  So the Go Nintendo Podcast crew was talking about how people need to go out and pick up No More Heroes for multiple reasons.  First of all the games been getting good reviews and impressions, so it’s not like people are wasting their money on a bad game, not to mention this could be the future of Mature games on the Wii.  Now I’m not sure whether or not I’m going to pick it up, and the lack of Smash Bros in the next month does push me in the direction to pick it up.  Point of the matter is, if you want to see more Mature games on the Wii, and would like to play a good one it deffinatly wouldn’t hurt to pick up No More Heroes.

That is all.


But on a more personal note… a default banner

January 13, 2008

Well the holidays are over and I think it’s about time I create a default banner for the site.  I don’t really have much ideas, but I’m working on it.  I’d like to write more but it’s the last week of this semester at school, and I really must be doing homework.  So with that I’d just like to get it out there that I’m trying to come up with a default banner for the site, YAY!

But on a more personal note… Happy New Year!

December 31, 2007

That’s right as of Midnight tonight it will be 2008!  Any neat resolutions from you guys?  I have a few plans/resolutions for ’08 so check out my list below…

  1. Post more news.  I want to make a habit of posting more than the VC and Smash Bros updates with one or two stories in between.
  2. More Reviews.  We’re always trying our best with this one, but once again that depends on our schedules and the game release schedule.
  3. Get a Podcast going.  Danny and I have already recruited a new member for podcasting, that sets us at 3 people, once we recruit some more expect a podcast!
  4. And Last but not least, possibly get our own domain name.  This isn’t a big requirement, but I figure now that I have a job I should be able to get afford our own site domain, free of “”  but we’ll see what happens.


Oh, and why not Chat up the new year in our forums!

But on a more personal note… Happy Holidays

December 23, 2007

That’s right the holiday season is upon us, and it’s almost over at the time.  Hanukka went well (I assume) and unfortunatly I didn’t get the chance to make a Hannukka Banner for the site, but I promise one for next year.  However christmas ans Kwanzza are on there way, so a very happy Christmas/ Kwanzza to those readers.  I plan to make a special Holiday Banner if I get the chance in the next few days, so look forward to that.

While I have more free time this next week I can’t promise an increase in news due to the normal Holiday slow down, as well as visits from relatives and et. cetra, but I’ll do my best.

 Happy Holidays everyone, and of course Happy Non-holidays to our readers who don’t celebrate the holidays, and happy Holiday-I-haven’t-been-informed-of Holidays to those.  Well it looks like I’ve covered everything.

But on a more personal note… Wii Shortages and Rock Band

December 16, 2007

Before I start off, I hope you guys enjoyed the Super Mario Galaxy Review, and if you’ve yet to see it just scroll down the page a little bit it should be somewhere down there.  Also I’m going to be very busy tomorrow, so if I forget to ask Danny to take care of VC releases, they’ll be up on Tuesday.



So as the Holiday season approaches Wiis are just as difficult to find as ever, they’re just in higher demand.  And it’s making the news, just this Friday I saw a report on how to find the “Hottest gift item this holiday season” on NBC4.  They mentioned how while they’re difficult to find they suggested some sites like to search for local retailers that still have Wiis.  However the story only lasted a few minutes, so I was a little peeved that I watched an hour of the news to hear a very small amount of info that I already knew, but cool none-the-less. 


Anyway as I stated in an earlier post, Reggie said that Walmart, Kohls, Best Buy, Targets, etc. should have Wiis available this week.  So if you still lack a Wii this week is the week to look.  Unless you want to look on the internet for your Wii, but in my opinion I wouldn’t unless you can get your Wii for the retail price.  So in short, Wii shortages are a big problem, but it shows that people still want it, and if the Wii is just a fad, it’s a fad that’s been going strong for over a year now.


Now on to Rock Band.  I just want to know why there is a lack of Rock Band on the Wii, it’s on the 360, PS3, and even the PS2 is getting it now.  So why after we finally get Guitar Hero on a Nintendo system, we can’t get Rock Band?  I feel like once they make Rock Band for the Wii, all they can do is make more money off the game from all the Wii owners.  And to my knowledge the Wii is the top selling console right now, so I really want to know what the excuse is for not bringing Rock Band to the Wii.


What do you guys think? 


Discuss here!

But on a more personal note… Uploading the Galaxy Review

December 8, 2007

I’m trying guys, I really am.  My first attempts began on Wednesday but my file was 17.3 MBs over the limit.  So I fixed that problem ( and with out having to cut aspects of the video (I just made the size smaller, but it’s still supposed to work on Youtube at that size).  And now, I can’t make it past the part on the upload page where it says “connecting” (on both MSN and IE, and I have no alternative browsers.  ARGG!)  So long story short, I’m stuck at the moment but I promise it will be up eventually… And as of 10:50 tonight it looks like YouTube’s down entirely.  Well 11:18 at night and Youtube’s still down,  I’m going to use this time to get some rest and try again tomorrow.  Well I tryed once more before closing out of the internet, and Youtube was back up, so I decided to try uploading again and if it hadn’t gone past “connecting” in five minute I’d stop and try again tomorrow.  Well 5 minutes have passed and it’s still connecting.  I think the problem may be my computer, but I’ll try again tomorrow and if I still have no luck I’ll give Danny the file and see if he can get it uploaded.

A side note to those who think they can get away with leaving highly negative comments questioning our knowledge on YouTube, be forewarned that not only does that get your comment a thumbs down, but I am in no way afraid to defend ourselves.

I didn’t want to leave this weekend’s “But on a more personal note…” on a downside, so…


Rise of the Videogame

December 5, 2007

Discovery Channel has a new show on there line up called “Rise of the Videogame.” Personally I find it a very interesting show i haven’t figured out its regular schedule yet, and I’m not sure if it has one yet but its definitely something you should check out for yourself.

Video Games + movies = ?

November 29, 2007

Popular games such as Halo, gears of war and World of war craft all have plans for movies in the near future Full story

Personally I don’t know what to expect i can see a plot in Halo, World of Warcraft  the movie in my opinion seems pretty ridiculous, and Gears of War i don’t know enough about, i do think though that all 3 of these will most likely be much like 300 just a bunch of CGI/Green screen animated battle scenes, so who knows could be big hit in the box office, or a bust.

But on a more personal note… Wii Zapper and a note on reviews!

November 24, 2007

Well the hunt for the Wii Zapper finally came to an end yesterday and let me say it’s completely worth it.  Both Danny and I have picked it up and we love it.  So far I’ve only tried it with Links Crossbow Training, but I plan to see how well it works with Battalion Wars 2 some time today.  While Danny and I haven’t been able to get together and review Galaxy yet, but we should be getting together Tuesday to do just that.  As well as give our imressions on the Wii Zapper, and the Check Mii Out channel. 

Well I’m not quite sure if there’s anything else I have to talk about.  So I guess that’s it for now.

But on a more personal note… Ghostbusters, and some more things.

November 17, 2007

As I’ve stated before Danny and I have been very busy lately, so as a result we haven’t been able to get a review of Super Mario Galaxy done, in fact I’ve only been able to play it for an hour (however I plan to get a good amount in after the show tonight.)  And when it comes to use doing a podcast, we still need to get a group together to join us.  So that’s about it for site news, on to Ghostbusters!

So as I posted earlier Ghostbusters the video game was announced for the Wii this past week.  However I neglected to post that they stated the games for the PS3 and the 360 would be more for a hardcore audiance, while the Wii and Ps2 versions would be more for a family audiance.  This just has me incredibly frightend that the wii version will just be numerous rediculous minigames set in the Ghostbusters universe.  If so I don’t think they see the potential of the Wii’s motion sensing, pointing controller and how much this could enhance the hardcore versions of Ghostbuster.  But I must add that I am incredibly excited that Harold Ramis, Dan Ackroyd and Bill Murray are on board for the project it’s pretty cool that they’re going to be writing the actual game and not just throwing their voices in.  Well I believe that’s it for this week. 

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