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News update

July 29, 2008

So I’ve disappeared from the site, and I’m terribly sorry, but here’s some of the news we missed…

  • Animal Crossing: City Folk- coming to Wii, with the new Wii Speak, a community microphone (not a headset)
  • GTA to hit the DS
  • Last night, rumors had arisen about the cancellation of Ghostbusters, but Seirra entertainment came out said it wasn’t so no worries there.

Well That’s it for now homedawgies.


Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood info blowout.

January 12, 2008

The following info is from the Latest Nintendo Power:

-Cover Story with nice artwork
-In game graphics have a water color look, all hand drawn
-4 party members at a time
-Each character can do certain things ex: Tails can float over things (standard stuff)
-11 party members total – 7 known are Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow, Big the Cat
-Control done fully with stylus – think Hourglass
-Able to split party into teams at certain moments
-Rings are used as currency
-No random battles, see enemies on the field
-Turn based battles, choose commands for everyone in your party before they actually follow through. Want battles to be fast paced
-Elite Beat Agents style special attacks
-Team attacks (like Chrono Trigger)
-“Fatigue Points” instead of MP
-Choose which attributes to increase when you level up
-Purchase and level special attacks
-Bits of story – Sonic’s on vacation from defeating Eggman 2 years ago. Gets a call from Tails that Knuckles has been kidnapped by a group called the Marauders, and that 6 chaos emeralds are missing. Eggman not the main villain. But Bioware wants to make him a creditable bad guy again. Something about a “twist” between Eggman and Sonic that goes back to the earlier games.
-2 acts – first takes place in standard Sonic areas. 2nd takes place in a darker world
-Remixed classic tunes
-“fully animated cut scenes”
-simple dialogue trees
-Side quests

Link, and Nintendo Power cover

And why not have some Screen shots while your at it.

Nintendo Corrects the New York Times

January 4, 2008

“An article about the Nintendo DS video game system in the December 31 Business Day section (of the NYT) incorrectly referred to future capabilities of the device. The statement that complete Nintendo DS games will eventually be able to be downloaded into the device via a wireless connection with the company’s Wii game console is incorrect. Users can download games to play on Wii, and, in the future, the Nintendo DS will be able to receive demo versions of some DS games from Wii, but not the entire game. The demo will be erased once the Nintendo DS is turned off.” – Nintendo response

I didn’t think the DS could hold an entire game on its own and it looks like I was right. 


Reggie says more DS-Wii connections soon

January 2, 2008

In an interview with the New York Times, Reggie Fils-Amie stated that the DS could download full games through the Wii.  He also stated that the you would be able to download new puzzles for Professor Layton on the DS through the Wii. 

Full New York Times Story here

More Bomberman in ’08

December 31, 2007

“Our goal with Bomberman is to bring the fantastic gameplay to a wider fanbase. We start off the new year with a big tournament in Bomberman LIVE on XBLA, then move into new Bomberman Land releases on the Wii, DS, PSP®, and mobile. We have lots more planned to bring even more fans into the community in 2008.” – John Greiner, President and CEO of Hudson Entertainment

That Bomberman Tournament sounds pretty cool, as long as it’s not the new realistic hardcore bomberman.  Other than that Cheers to Bomberman.


Stuck on the toilet?

December 18, 2007

I hope not, but just incase your there for an extended period of time check out Game Daily for their top 10 games to play while taking care of your business.


Nintendo’s response to DS redesign Rumors

November 15, 2007

“We don’t have any imminent plans for an upgrade for the Nintendo DS. The product is still selling extremely well around the world.” – George Harrison


Some nice little tidbits from Iwata

November 3, 2007

– While Nintendo is working on new tech for their next handheld, it won’t be coming out anytime soon. That’s because the dev team isn’t having any trouble at all coming up with new ideas for DS titles.

– Delivering TV shows or movies via a Wii channel is technically possible, but don’t look for Nintendo to head in that direction.

– Nintendo is working on a channel for something that Iwata never imagined. He says a lot of people will be surprised, and it something they are looking to bring out next year.

– Iwata stated that he can’t rule out working with mobile phones in some way down the line, but as of right now it is not Nintendo’s vision.

– Iwata also stated that he cannot see Nintendo going the way of software only. He sees the business of hardware/software as a key component to Nintendo.

– Nintendo isn’t really looking into using multiple Wiimotes to control one game. It would provide a few hurdles not on for developers, but the consumer as well.


On a side note, I should have The Guitar Hero review up sometime either this afternoon, or later at night (I have work).  I’d promise it sooner, but I have a good amount of other work that needs to be done first (English Project, mowing my lawn, work)  but rest assured the review will be up at some point today.

Go Nintendo’s E for All impressions.

October 19, 2007

Raw Meat Cowboy and Nicky Hill from Go Nintendo, were lucky enough to be able to go down to CA for the first ever E for All.  And seeing as Nintendo played a big part there this year, they have a bunch of impressions from the show.  Just click the links below to check them out.  A side note however, they have been having site issues the past week so if any of the links aren’t working just try again later.

Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Mario Galaxy

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

Contra IV

Mario Party DS

MX Vs. ATV: Untamed

De Blob

The Simpsons Game DS

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fate

Battalion Wars 2

Guitar Hero III

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

WWE Smackdown Vs. RAW 2008

WWE Smackdown Vs. RAW 2008 DS

I’ll be sure to update this whenever new impressions are posted.

Official Phantom Hourglass Facebook Group

October 15, 2007

For all you Phantom Hourglass players, and Facebook users, Nintendo has created an official Phantom Hourglass group, with message boards, wall papers, AIM icons, and more.  So if your interested in joining, click here.

I really should get around to picking up Phantom Hourglass.