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E3 Extravaganza

July 11, 2007

 Part 1

Part 2

And there they are, finally, sorry it took so long.


Videos going up later tonight. :(

July 11, 2007

Well You Tube sure does know how to annoy me, first the video’s to big, and now I spend maybe an hour waiting for it to be finalized when You Tube tells me it’s to long.  Unfortunatly I have places to go so I’m going to have to make it shorter and re-upload it later tonight.  By the way when you have a “Director” account can’t you add videos over 10 mins. long?  I know I’ve seen videos last 40 mins.  Any way I must be going.

A note on the Video and other news

July 11, 2007

Don’t worry the video is coming, I just had some problems with it’s size and putting it on Youtube, so I’m reformatting it now and hopefully it will work.

In other news, Nintendo announced that there is a Mario Party DS in production and screens can be found here.  Konami’s also supposed to have a big surprise at their Keynote later tonight, so if it’s really good I’ll be sure to post it.  But just hang on tight for that video, it’s coming.

Quick overview of Nintendo’s Keynote.

July 11, 2007

 This is just to keep everyone happy, while I get the video organized (the video is more detailed that what’s seen below.)

-Wii Zapper

-Mario Kart Wii, Q1 08, Wifi

-Smash Bros, Dec 3rd

-Super Mario Galaxy, Nov 12

-Wii Fit, with wii balance board

-Check Mii out channel

Plans for the Nintendo Conference

July 11, 2007

Danny and I are getting together today around 11.  At 12 we’re going to be watching Nintendo’s conference live on G4.  After that we will make a video overview of the conference and throw in what ever trailers are shown where they’re needed.  So look for that, and if we are near a computer, I may post the big news as it happens.

“Your Earth will burn until it’s surface is but glass.”

July 11, 2007

Well last nights Microsoft conference ended with a new trailer for Halo 3.  This was probably the main event,  a few other trailers and info were shown, but nothing too ground breaking.  For a transcript of the conference go to gamespot.  You can also check out the new Halo 3 trailer below…

EA reveals Boogie Track list

July 10, 2007

Well in my opinion, some good songs, some bad songs.  But what could you expect.  Boogie is EAs new Rhythm game, with both karaoke and Dance features.  The songs are listed below.

Black Eyed Peas — “Let’s Get It Started”
Blondie — “One Way Or Another”
Britney Spears — “I’m A Slave 4 U”
Britney Spears — “Oops I Did It Again”
The B-52’s — “Love Shack”
Carl Douglas — “Kung Fu Fighting”
Chic — “Le Freak”
The Commodores — “Brick House”
Culture Club — “Karma Chameleon”
Cyndi Lauper — “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”
Daft Punk — “One More Time”
Dee-Lite — “Groove Is In The Heart”
Fergie — “Fergalicious”
Gypsy Kings — “Baila Me”
Jackson 5 — “ABC”
Jackson 5 — “Dancing Machine”
Jackson 5 — “I Want You Back”
Jamiroquai — “Canned Heat”
Jamiroquai — “Virtual Insanity”
Jennifer Lopez — “Get Right”
Katrina & The Waves — “Walking On Sunshine”
KC And The Sunshine Band — “That’s The Way (I Like It)”
Kelis — “Milkshake”
Kool & The Gang — “Celebration”
Lou Bega — “Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of…)”
M — “Pop Muzik”
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas — “Dancing in the Street”
MC Hammer — “U Can’t Touch This”
Pink — “Get The Party Started”
Pussycat Dolls Feat. Busta Rhymes — “Don’tcha”
Red Hot Chili Peppers — “Love Rollercoaster”
Rihanna — “SOS”
Simply Red — “Stars”
Sister Sledge — “We Are Family”
Taste Of Honey — “Boogie Oogie Oogie”
Thalia — “Tu Y Yo”
The Village People — “YMCA”
The Weather Girls — “It’s Raining Men”

PS3 may lose Metal Gear Solid 4 Exclusivity

July 10, 2007

With PS3 sales low and other third parties dropping Exclusivity for their PS3 titles, it seems Konami may follow the trend.  Today a Konami exec said that the $100 price drop may not be enough to save the system and Konami may need to bring Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots to other consoles as well as the PS3.  While a move to the 360 seems like the obvious choice, and a move to the Wii being the least likely, you never know.  After all, Snake is in Brawl, and there was one Metal Gear Solid game for the Cube,  but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Touch Detective 2 1/2 coming to the states

July 10, 2007

Some may have known about Touch Detective 2.5 coming out in Japan, well it’s coming here too.  The game will contain 5 chapters that are longer than the chapters seen in the first Touch Detective.  There are also twice as many locations to visit, same cast of characters as the origenal, and much more unlockables.

Special E3 Banner.

July 10, 2007

That’s right, I spent some time to make a special Banner for the next two days.  The word extravaganza got cut off a little bit, but that’s ok.  Just enjoy it while it lasts.