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Rise of the Videogame

December 5, 2007

Discovery Channel has a new show on there line up called “Rise of the Videogame.” Personally I find it a very interesting show i haven’t figured out its regular schedule yet, and I’m not sure if it has one yet but its definitely something you should check out for yourself.


Video Games + movies = ?

November 29, 2007

Popular games such as Halo, gears of war and World of war craft all have plans for movies in the near future Full story

Personally I don’t know what to expect i can see a plot in Halo, World of Warcraft  the movie in my opinion seems pretty ridiculous, and Gears of War i don’t know enough about, i do think though that all 3 of these will most likely be much like 300 just a bunch of CGI/Green screen animated battle scenes, so who knows could be big hit in the box office, or a bust.

But on a more personal note… Wii Zapper and a note on reviews!

November 24, 2007

Well the hunt for the Wii Zapper finally came to an end yesterday and let me say it’s completely worth it.  Both Danny and I have picked it up and we love it.  So far I’ve only tried it with Links Crossbow Training, but I plan to see how well it works with Battalion Wars 2 some time today.  While Danny and I haven’t been able to get together and review Galaxy yet, but we should be getting together Tuesday to do just that.  As well as give our imressions on the Wii Zapper, and the Check Mii Out channel. 

Well I’m not quite sure if there’s anything else I have to talk about.  So I guess that’s it for now.

Why didn’t i think of this before

October 21, 2007

Well a while back a friend of mine picked me up a shirt from a video game thing of sorts, and on it it says Soldiers heroes of world war II. Well it took me till today to even think hmm maybe this is a game, which after a google search i found HEY it is Surprise surprise. Well i am currently downloading the free demo of it and ill be back later after i have given it a try. It appears to be a WWII RTS, which i think is AMAZING a combination of two of my favorite things

another wii rehab story

October 8, 2007

Another story has come out of WCCO news where the wii has been used for rehabilitation now for elderly people, even though it is only experimental it has shown some surprising results from a 77 year old who suffered from a stroke Check it out

FREE Wii!!!!!

September 22, 2007

So you all at one point in your life had to sell a bunch of cheap junk as a fundraiser for your school and to get you to sell stuff they would give you free prizes if you sold stuff and if you sold a ridiculous amount of items they gave you a prize like a stereo or something, well finally AFTER i get out of elementary school they are giving away something worth trying to sell the expensive junk to people, A FREE Wii!!!!!

This is not how how i remember Mario kart

September 2, 2007 

 Yea nothing thats of real NEWS but found it funny and nintendo related

Metriod Prime 3 Preview

August 13, 2007

yup its on the wii shop channel check it out im downloading it now it cost you all of 0 wii points and a little bit of your time :) Free software I’ll be back later with more on it after i check it out

 Update: Yea soo i got it after haveing some difficulty getting it (8 redownloads and 2 restarts) and well its 2 video clips and 2 other things that just said 8 : 13 but you couldnt click and a little game type of thing where you uncover a picture but check it out for yourself under wiiware

Weekly Smash Bros Update (late)

July 22, 2007

Week 8

Monday July 16: Star Fox: Space Armada

Tuesday July 17: Deoxys

Wednesday July 18: Samus: Final Smash

Thursday July 19: Zero Suit Samus

Friday July 20: This World…

PS3 price drop

July 9, 2007

thought this was kind of funny, even though we are more a Wii news site just thought i would share the news to all types of gamers, but yes its true the PS3 has had a price drop of 100$ and till september 30 with a purchase of a PS3 you will recieive 5 free blu-ray movies with mail-in redemption