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Wiggidy What!?!

April 1, 2008

Cloverfield the game?  If this is true I don’t know what to think.  I think if it were like the movie it would have to be very well handled, while if you were to play through the point of view of a soilder it could work.  I’m really unsure about how to feel about a Cloverfield game, just as I am unsure about a sequel.  I liked the movie, but I still feel that a sequel or game would have to be extremely well handled, because I don’t want “Cloverfeild” to lose what made it special.


A Dream come true?

March 18, 2008

“(Guitar Hero: The Beatles is) something we have talked about and something I’d like to pursue.” – Sony/ATV chairman and CEO Marty Bandier



I’m trying to catch up on new real quick because I wasn’t able to get on the computer at all last night, VC update coming this afternoon.

The Return of GoNintendo’s NES-MST3K

March 5, 2008

A little more than a year ago, Gonintendo took the MST3K style and applied it to bad NES games.  Unfortunatly there haven’t been any new ones in a long time, but now they’re coming back!  I’d link to some of the older ones but they’ve also been off YouTube for a long time as well.  You can check the trailer for the return below, and I’ll be sure to post them as they come…

Duck Hunt Trademark issues?

March 1, 2008

Apparently Nintendo is having trouble renewing the trademark to Duck Hunt.  When they apply to re-issue the trademark, the US Patent and Trademark office denies it.  This is supposedly because the trademark for “Duck Hunt” is too vague.   I have connections to the Patent and Trademark office (very close connections), in fact I’ve already walked into the next room to tell him to speak to his superiors about this, because they’re making a mistake.


Goldeneye could have been one XBLA

January 12, 2008

That’s right the game was planned to hit the Xbox Live Arcade with its origenal graphics, and sound but with online multiplayer.  However what killed it was negotiations between Nintendo and Microsoft as to whether Nintendo would be payed once for putting on XBLA or being payed continuously as long as it’s on there.  As a result the project as been shelved and may never be released as a result.


More Bomberman in ’08

December 31, 2007

“Our goal with Bomberman is to bring the fantastic gameplay to a wider fanbase. We start off the new year with a big tournament in Bomberman LIVE on XBLA, then move into new Bomberman Land releases on the Wii, DS, PSP®, and mobile. We have lots more planned to bring even more fans into the community in 2008.” – John Greiner, President and CEO of Hudson Entertainment

That Bomberman Tournament sounds pretty cool, as long as it’s not the new realistic hardcore bomberman.  Other than that Cheers to Bomberman.


Reggie’s conference call

December 15, 2007

Yesterday a few Media sites got to listen in on a conference call, and Gonintendo was one of them.  Rawmeatcowboy was nice enough to post the bigger news from the event… (not huge news, but pretty significant.

Voice Chat on the Wii – It is something that Nintendo cares about. They have worked on that feature for the DS, and they put out the DS microphone. This is proof that they do enjoy the idea. When it comes to Wii, voice chat is definitely possible. There needs to be a peripheral created and finalized. Reggie said he wouldn’t be surprised if this is a feature that would come to the Wii.

GameStop raincheck program – Nintendo and GameStop will be working together to provide a Wii raincheck system. This offer should kick in on Dec. 20th and 21st. No details on if it will run longer in December. If you go into GameStop and pay off a Wii in full, you’ll get a raincheck to pick one by the end of January. Tens of thousands of Wiis will be offered. A press release with full details on this offer will hit sometime later today.

Toys R’ Us, Best Buy, Kmart, Target, Sears, Circuit City will all be offering Wiis this weekend. Walmart will be offering them all week long. These sales should be advertised in flyers.


So if your still looking for a wii, now would be the best time to look. 

You can also check out his live blog of the conference here. Updated

December 5, 2007

As I stated before the official Nintendo Forums have been shut down so that Nintendo could update their site.  Well head over to now.  While I feel like the websight may show the old one for some people because when I click my favorites link for the forum it takes me to the old site and I get the message telling me that the forums are down.  Long story short, try and see if the new site works for you, but never the less the forums are still down.

Nintendo’s response to DS redesign Rumors

November 15, 2007

“We don’t have any imminent plans for an upgrade for the Nintendo DS. The product is still selling extremely well around the world.” – George Harrison


The Discovery Channel to do a Video Game Documentary

November 8, 2007

Discovery Channel Examines the History and Impact of Videogames in New Special RISE OF THE VIDEOGAMESPut down the joystick in favor of the remote control and join Discovery Channel for a pixel-by-pixel exploration of the history of videogames in the new, five-part special RISE OF THE VIDEOGAME premiering Wednesday, November 21 at 8 PM (ET/PT).RISE OF THE VIDEOGAME captures the (r)evolution of videogames from the early 1970s and the days when Atari ruled through today, examining how the videogame industry has changed and how videogame entertainment is created, produced, marketed and distributed.Level One
U.S. Premiere
Wednesday, November 21 at
8 PM (ET/PT)The videogame started not with a bang but with a ping. Unlike other forms of entertainment, videogames turn the viewer into a player who actively shapes the outcome of their experience. At first video games and the creators were as misunderstood by the public as rock & roll in its infancy. But those closest to the videogame business persevered and never lost sight of the ability videogames had to become a dominant form of entertainment.Level Two
Wednesday, November 28 at
8 PM (ET/PT)
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, instead of controlling spaceships and tennis rackets, videogame technology allowed players to command recognizable characters with real faces and back stories. This paralleled the importance of the hero’s journey that was popular in movies of the time like “Rocky” and “Star Wars,” as well as mirrored the rise of individualism and conservative meritocracy, where one man can make a difference. Game creators were liberated to create more complex videogames with heroic journeys, and Japanese creators like Shigeru Miyamoto rose to prominence with star characters Super Mario, Luigi and Zelda.Level Three
Wednesday, December 5 at
8 PM (ET/PT)
It was a foreign concept to early game designers but with games like “Return to Castle Wolfenstein” and “DOOM”, video games grew from their primitive 2-D roots into richly detailed 3-D worlds. These groundbreaking 3-D games led the industry down new paths both thrilling and troubling. Critics questioned if these games were getting too real, too violent and too addictive. For the first time game designers had to grapple with tough questions.Level Four
Wednesday, December 12 at
8 PM (ET/PT)
Since the invention of the computer man has feared “the machine” and its ability to think. But a computer’s unique computational power has also led to the development of seminal games that are unpredictable, intelligent and malleable. “God games” like SimCity and Civilization simulate entire worlds and let players experiment with cause and effect. Other designers have used artificial intelligence to create lifelike characters and worlds that shape themselves to each player. And some games are so technologically advanced that they have become tools for learning, or better yet, creative expression.Level Five
Wednesday, December 19 at
8 PM (ET/PT)

Can a computer game make you cry? With the introduction of Playstation 2’s “emotion engine” in 1999 game developers had the technology to enable deep, moving stories that tugged at gamers’ heartstrings. The rise of online virtual world games added another emotional dimension, letting players make real connections (including marriages) through a virtual game and helping them escape a world rife with violence and terror.