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Ghost Squad

May 28, 2007

Well as promised i am writing my review/preview or what ever you wish to call it of Sega’s “Ghost squad.” From what I played at the arcade it was in a word AMAZING. The graphics weren’t anything special but my personal favorite part about the game was its unique gun controller design. It was for those who know anything about guns a g36 and unlike the pistol or shotgun design of most arcade guns had a more realistic feel to them with the switch on the gun for changing between fully and semi automatic firing modes. And in the back of the gun there was some sort of spring mechanism that added a fun little recoil to it. I personally hope Nintendo makes a controller similar to this for the Wii version of the game. But more about the actual game play, the basic plot, you are a squad leader taking out terrorist trying to save the president or some ambassador or something along those lines, like many shot em up games. But along the way you must free hostages or defuse bombs. Now there where only 3 levels you could play at the arcade but from what i played i was defiantly impressed by the game, but mostly by the controller itself.