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Metal Slug Anthology Review

May 31, 2008

Hey everyone, I’m Josh60502. Not an official writer for DK News and Reviews, more like an occasional “guest reviewer”. I write for the blog Frayed Wire (I used to be from The Serious Nerd, but one look at that site will tell you that I’ve moved on). Kevin gave me a position on this site a long time ago, but now I’d like to finally put it to good use with my review of Metal Slug Anthology for the Nintendo Wii. Seeing as the original Metal Slug appeared on the Virtual Console last Monday, I think now would be a good time for such a review.

The Metal Slug games are quite simply, in my opinion, some of the best arcade games ever created. The gameplay is simple but difficult, creating that “one-more-go” feeling inside its players, the music is memorable, and the sprite work is some of the best ever seen in a video game. Now you can find seven of these excellent games collected into one amazing package – Metal Slug Anthology. It was a launch title on the Wii, so by the now its price has lowered considerably.

The game boasts arcade-perfect ports of Metal Slug 1, Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug 4, Metal Slug 5, and Metal Slug 6. While each game may be very similar gameplay-wise, they do have fun and memorable differences. I fondly remember gunning my way through the first level of MS1 in the titular Metal Slug tank, riding a Machine Gun Camel in both MS2 and MSX, and burping up some strange fiery substance as a zombie in MS3, as well as others. Sound weird? Yeah, it kind of is. But that’s Metal Slug for you. The fun gameplay puts a humorous spin on a rather serious Hitler-esque plot.

Building on the “run-and-gun” genre of gaming introduced by Contra, Metal Slug allowed players to use melee attacks on enemies close by, throw grenades, save hostages, and ride in a variety of vehicles ranging from semi-realistic (planes, submarines), to crazy fake (flying tanks, elephants with machine guns). The result is an extremely fun formula that boasts plenty of crazy, non-stop action. It’s also considerably difficult, but an infinite continue option in every game will make sure that you get to experience each masterfully-designed level.

Co-op has always been a big part of the Metal Slug series, a fact that shines through in this game. A second player can easily hop in at any time, and leave once they’ve run out of lives if they so choose. While co-op does make the game easier, it’s still no walk in the park. However, the games are much more fun with a friend, so I’d recommend that you have an extra controller handy when buying this.

Being on the Wii, controls are probably one of the main hooks (or concerns) for those interested in buying the game. Luckily, the game supports a large variety of control schemes, from the good (sideways wiimote, Gamecube controller and wiimote with nunchuck), to the terrible (hold the wiimote like an arcade joystick, tilt controls). Despite some obvious stinkers, I’d say the good outweigh the bad in this case.

Since the game is a contemplation, it’s pretty much required by law to have extra content. Metal Slug Anthology delivers a satisfactory amount of unlockable concept art and music, as well as an interview with the production crew. There’s nothing above and beyond here, but seeing as the actual games themselves are so good, it’s not too much of a disappointment. I found myself replaying the games not for the unlockables, but for the sheer fun factor. I suppose you could think of that two different ways – the unlockables suck, or the games are just abnormally fun. I’m siding with the second choice.

In the end, I have to say that this was the best Wii launch game, second only to Twilight Princess. It certainly remains to this day one of the better multiplayer games on the Wii. If you’re considering a download of the original Metal Slug from the Virtual Console, keep in mind that that is nine dollars for one game, but the Anthology is about $30 for seven games. Obviously, I’d try to find the Anthology since it’s such a great value, but if you really want to, buying only Metal Slug 1 for nine dollars really isn’t that bad of a deal either. Keep in mind, they sold only Metal Slug 3 on the Xbox for $40 back in the day, so nine dollars is nothing to make you feel ripped off.

I give Metal Slug Anthology a 9 out of 10, or as it’s done at DK News and Reviews, one big smiley faced Mii.


The Final Weekly Smash Bros Update…

April 19, 2008


Monday April 14:Smash Trivia 



Weekly Smash Bros Update

February 1, 2008


Monday January 28:  Vault

Tuesday January 29: First Songs in My Music

Wednesday January 30: Brawl

Thursday January 31:

An Announcement About Future Updates

Friday Febuary 1: ?????  (highlight to see) [ness]


Smash Bros Spoiler Central

So here’s the deal, the rest of the Brawl updates may be spoilers, the site gives a link like ????? and then asks if you want to procede because the page contains secret info.  I’ll click yes, and get the direct link to the page which is what you will go to if you click the link (which I will keep as ????? for those who don’t want spoilers).  In addition, so people know where they’re going I will also have the real title of the page hidden (in white text, highlight to read [like this]) for those who want to know where they’re going.

Nintendo Power hints at Smash Bros on the VC

January 13, 2008

“Upcoming Virtual Console releases are a closely guarded secret, but consider this: Metroid went up right before the launch of Metroid Prime 3, and Super Mario Bros. 3 arrived just before Super Mario Galaxy. If the pattern holds up, there’s a decent chance that we’ll see the return of the original N64 Smash before Brawl arrives.”


This Week’s VC Update

December 10, 2007

Pokemon Snap- N64, Rated E

Pokemon Snap is basically an onrails shooter, however instead of shooting with a gun, you’re shooting with a camera.  The goal of this game is to catch them all… on film.  However for the wii, it’s been updated to allow you to save your pictures and send them to other people.  Long story short this games a lot of fun, and with the new updates it definatly has my download.

Ghosts’n Goblins- NES, Rated E

The classic arcade game make the jump to the NES.  Honestly I thought this was out already, but I guess that’s Super Ghosts’n Goblins.  In the game you have to fight hordes of demons and monsters all to save a kidnapped princess, all while fighting to keep your clothes on.  I’ll probably give this game a shot at some point.

Baseball Stars 2- NEOGEO, Rated E

Well this has to be the most crazily intense game of baseball I’ve seen in a while.  Not to mention it just seems a little over the top.  Anywho,  if you haven’t downloaded any of the other baseball games on the VC yet and your interested I guess this is what your waiting for.

In addition to the games above Nintendo has given us the ability to send games to our friends as gifts.

Reviews note, I’m giving Danny the Galaxy file tomorrow so he can get it uploaded.

This Week’s VC Update

November 26, 2007

Double Dribble- NES, Rated E

This is the first 5 on 5 Basketball game for the NES, and apparently the most accurate for it’s time.  You can even pick from a number of teams and decided the length of the game.  However I don’t plan to be picking this up based on the fact that I’m not into sports games nor am I good at them.

Vegas Stakes- SNES, Rated E

Rated E!?! I don’t know about that those simulated gambling games should only be played by people who can gamble for real, not the innocent children who have yet to be exposed to the wickedness of cards.  But seriously this is what the name implies, a gambling game that involves blackjack, slots, poker, craps and roulet.  I’m not to big on these games, so once again I’ll pass.

Ecco Jr.- Genesis, Rated E

It’s like Ecco the Dolphin, but as a small child (dolphin).  This Ecco is based more for a younger audiance where you as Ecco Jr. must travel to the Big Blue, yay!  I can’t guarentee that I’d get this but if I had children I might.  ECCO… ECCo… ECco… Ecco… ecco… ooo (ignore the Teen rating on the video)

Ghostbusters coming to the Wii

November 15, 2007

An exerpt from Game Informer…

Harold Ramis, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd are getting back together and revisiting their roles to make a sequel to Ghostbusters 1 and 2 – in video-game form, and we’ve got the first details. Both Aykroyd and Ramis are teaming up for scriptwriting duties and are going far beyond just the typical licensed add-your-voice-to-the-game-you-had-nothing-to-do-with formula. And no, this has nothing to do with the Ghostbusters Zootfly video demonstration that floated around the internet in January.

Full story here

Weekly Smash Bros Update

November 9, 2007

Monday November 5: Fire Emblem: Fire Emblem Theme

Fox’s Misfortune

Tuesday November 6: Items from previous installments

Wednesday November 7: Grab and throw

Grey Fox

Thursday November 8: Lucas: Special moves

Friday November 9: Norfair


This Week’s VC Update

November 6, 2007

Super Mario Bros. 3- NES, Rated E

This is the third installment in the Mario Bros. series, and often considered to be the best.  It follows the framework layed out in the origenal, but this time boosting the graphics story and introducing the aspects of suits which would continue on in many Mario games since this.  Honestly I love this game and it’s a must download for me.

Alien Soldier- Genesis, Rated E+10

In Alien Soldier you play a genetically enhanced Alien soldier.  The game is a side scrolling adventure, and seems just obscure enough for me to give it a try.  (Man, I wish we could rent VC games somehow) -SIDE NOTE- This game does cost 900 point instead of the usual 800.

Power Golf- Turbografx16, Rated E

What can I say,  it’s a golf game for the Turbografx.  Chances are if you didn’t jump out of your seat to get golf on the NES you may not be too excited about this.  And the same goes for me, but if you just can’t satisfy that golf fix, then by all means give Power Golf a try.

New Mario Kart Wii Info

September 5, 2007

This comes from the latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine (UK’s equivalent to Nintendo Power)  Mario Kart Wii will feature an online battle mode (confirmed at E3), the ability to do stunts, and 16 player online multiplayer, as well as revived levels from Mario Kart DS and completely new levels for the Wii.