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Weekly Smash Bros Update

April 13, 2008


Updates Stop on April 14th


Monday April 7: Revealing Brawls Secrets

Tuesday April 8: All Trophies

Wednesday April 9: All Stickers

Thursday April 10: Mysteries Of Subspace Emmisary

Friday April 11: Screenshot collection 2



Weekly Smash Bros Update

April 4, 2008

Weekly Smash Update

Monday March 31:  ?????   [Wolf]

Tuesday April 1: ?????  [Pirate Ship]

Wednesday April 2:  All Star Mode

Thursday April 3:  Full Song List

Friday April 5:  Final Smash Trophies


Smash Bros Spoiler Central

Weekly Smash Bros Update

March 28, 2008

Monday March 24: ?????  [Stadium: Boss Battles]

Tuesday March 25: ?????  [Jigglypuff]

Wednesday March 26: ?????  [Hanenbow]

Thursday March 27: Character Roll Call

Sheik: Special Moves

Friday March 28: ????? [Toon Link]


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Weekly Smash Bros Update

March 24, 2008

Monday March 17: Boss Strategies

Tuesday March 18: ?????  [Ganondorf]

Wednesday March 19: Pokemon Encyclopedia

Thursday March 20: Smash Taunt

Friday March 21: ????? [Subspace Emmisary: Great Maze]

Peach: Special Moves


Smash Bros Spoiler Central

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Our Super Smash Bros Brawl Review

March 19, 2008

It’s here, and it’s awesome…

I’d like to formally welcome Brad Rosen, and Travis Koontz to the DK News And Reviews crew.

Weekly Smash Bros Update

March 14, 2008


That’s right it’s out and there are still new updates

Monday March 10: ?????  [Mr. Game And Watch]

Tuesday March 11: MUSIC (see below spoiler)

????? [Flat Zone 2]

Wednesday March 12: ????? [Hidden Masterpieces]

Thursday March 13: ????? [Secret Melee Stages]

Friday March 14: ????? [latecomer assist trophies]

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GoNintendo Reviews Smash Bros

March 13, 2008

GoNintendo video review – Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Uploaded by rawmeatcowboy

If I said ours was coming this weekend, I lied due to scheduling conflicts, but it will be up next week.

An update…

March 12, 2008

Sorry, I’ve been neglecting my duties, but I have been busy brawling, my apologies.  If  I might say that the begining of this week has posed numerous issues in the brawl community, mosty wifi related, but that seems to be all fixed up, so we’re good for now.  I’ll post my wifi code once I get the chance (I’ve been playing mostly single player trying to unlock some new characters and levels).  Thanks for reading!


March 9, 2008

Brawls out, and there’s a pretty sweet cartoon to go with it…

I couldn’t stop laughing.  Well back to brawl.

Weekly Smash Bros Update

March 7, 2008


Monday March 3: Secrets for Continuing

Tuesday March 4: ????? [75m]

Donkey Kong: Special Moves

Wednesday March 5: Item Encyclopedia

Thursday March 6: ????? [R.O.B.]

Friday March 7: Snapshots Galore

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